Water Studies
Soil Studies
Consciousness Studies
Agriculture Research
Space measurements

About Bio Energy Fields

Consciousness Studies
– Study of holotropic states of consciousness
– Assessment of person’s reaction on different energetic practices and meditation



Studies Environment

– Assessment of diverse influences on agricultural substances
– Differentiation of organic to non-organic fruits and vegetables

– Express-assessment of psycho-emotional and physiological states of a human body
– Express-assessment of stress level
– Express-assessment of overall wellness
– Express-assessment of energy state of organs and systems in human body
– Revealing of real reasons and sources of illness
– Pre-nosological diagnosis of different diseases
– Monitoring of recovery process after the surgical operation
– Assessment of person’s reaction on different influences and physical loads
Assessment of person’s reaction on the applied treatment (energy therapy, SPA, massage, color therapy, acupuncture, meditation, relaxation, extrasensory influences, etc.)

Electrophotonic Analysis in Medicine

– Chakra diagnostics
– Assessment of person’s attitude to the ongoing events – based on chakras
Space measurements
– Monitoring of audience reaction during various events and performances
– Registration of geo-active zones
– Monitoring of reaction of space to different geo-physical events

– Express-assessment of stress level
– Study of emotional imbalances
– Finding the reasons of imbalances on conscious and unconscious levels
– Revealing health conditions on unconscious level
– Assessment of psychological treatments influence on the person

– Assessment of diverse influences on liquid and solid materials
– Differentiation of natural substances and their artificial substitutions

Bio Field Research

Examples of Research

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