Classes with Krishna
Experience, Sense, Explore…
transport the essence of life from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

As a young lad, I would accompany my father on many of his jungle expeditions in the Andaman Islands of India. On one such occasion, I recall him reaching over to a tree branch, picking a leaf and placing on the palm of my hand. He proceeded to show me how to rub the leaf between the palms of my hands and then to take a slow, controlled, deep breath, transporting it all the way to the tips of the toes. While cupping my palms to the nose with eyes closed, I sensed the resonance of the jungle. This was a moment when pure spirit-energy was reverberating, and the human form was resplendent in pure consciousness. This, in essence, is the nature of Prana. – Krishna Madappa

Learn about:
Essential Oils posses in concentrated formula’s healing properties, and indigenous cultures hold this sacred knowledge. Those with this ancient wisdom honored all of life and it’s prana, the light and life in which all organisms have.
This vital energy, your inner chi which flows through the element of water rushes through the veins of all body’s from humans to plants. With your breath and your senses learn to experience the unique properties sacred plants and flower oils.
Now with the GDV device you can see theses essences come alive before your very eyes. Learn to be feel and allow them to consciously a liven your being. This is what making sense of your world means.
Alive your senses and feel the exchange and flow. Explore the bounty of creation.
See life force energy come alive before your eyes.

See a real life, real time demonstrations of this power that informs and forms all life.
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School and Adult Programs

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