Krishna Madappa is a shaman, Ayurvedic specialist, educator, essential oil clinician, researcher, and storyteller, based in Taos, New Mexico. His research is in engineering and bio-field sciences, he is totally immersed in scientific research and explorations of subtle energies and frontier sciences.

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EPI technology makes it possible to detect and observe the play of light around the human body, a drop of water or crystal, transforming analog information into useful and vital data that can be analyzed, applied and shared toward the integral wellness of the whole globally.

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Welcome to the Sacred Oils of Krishna

The subtle energy of the oils we offer are heightened through prayer and chant to inspire, empower and revitalize all life – from individual cells to a universal mind. The prana (vital sustaining force; or chi in the Chinese tradition) of each of these oils and blends has been vitalized in an environment of sacred chant and prayer, according to timeless tradition. This is done to illuminate the journey of life and to impart the consciousness of the simple truths of pure prana.

Krishna’s clinical, educational and research explorations take him all over the world to find and distill the oils from plants used in healing and meditation. Right at home in northern New Mexico, Krishna has distilled the essential oil of the Pinus longaeva (Bristle Cone Pine) which is considered to be the oldest living botanical species as well as  the sacred sages Artemesia Tridentata (Taos Sage) and Salvia Apiana (White Sage), used by Native Americans in their ritual traditions.

Krishna utilizes essential oils with simple mindful practices and the EPC (Electro Photon Camera) when working with both individuals and groups. This combination can then facilitate rebalancing, the fortifying of ones energy fields and promoting your vital well being.

Krishna’s essential oils orchestrates the symphony of a blend with their sounds, weight, color and texture.


“I cannot tell you how much I love “Unbounded Joy” it is absolutely exhilarating. It is hard for me to pick a favorite from all your blends” – Pamela Parsons (Author)

“I love “Heart’s Joy” with the it’s cinnamon aroma, “Breath of One” is like paradise, as it fragrance to me is like Hawaii’s, “Invocation” is like new life. I often blend them together depending on the essence I desire to evoke!” – Karen Elkins

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When we observe the play of light around the human body, drops of water or crystals, we understand that everything in the world has interrelationship and any object—biological or inorganic—has its own inner energy.

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