Level One Enhanced Certification can be obtain in 4, 2 hour sessions 

To schedule a session email:  krishna@krishnaprana.com

All sessions provided via ZOOM 

The specialized training conveyed by Krishna Madappa will provide the foundational knowledge necessary to properly measure and quantify readings of the human energy field using the Bio-Well 2.0 device and accessories, plus tailor the training to one’s level of practical and personalized adaptability. 

This testimonial is from an ex corporate executive in US who was trained by Krishna Madappa:

“Having received my training on EPI/GDV from conferences and courses with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov in Russia, I reached out to Dr. Krishna Madappa to accredit my skills with the Bio-Well equipment. I already knew that he was a multifaceted expert, teacher and researcher whose acumen spans both scientific and spiritual laws.

What I learned is that he is the epitome of a human being whose immeasurable passion and altruistic service knows no limits to the work of uplifting humankind. The breadth and depth of his knowledge combined with his advanced consciousness are unparalleled in integrating the complexities of scientific frameworks with the ultimate realities of humanity. How often can you say that you know a professional who exemplifies his work and honors the divine? I am grateful to say, I do! ”

All Bio-Well clients, who have not yet been certified, are encouraged to receive training.

Additionally, anyone interested in learning the processes of the Bio-Well device, who may not yet own a Bio-Well, are welcome to join us and experience this revolutionary technology.

Please see this interview / meeting – Krishna Madappa w Konstantin Korotkov.