Multiple Studies

1. Water Study : UNM, Taos – Lenny Foster (Living Light Gallery)
–ISSS – Community Prayer Ceremony – 03/21/09
Understanding that we are essentially water is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the UNIVERSE. As Dear Dr.Emoto San conveyed “ The various events that unfold throughout a person’s life are reflected in water. The individual and society make up one enormous ocean. By adding our individual drops to this ocean, we participate in the formation of societies.” As the community of Taos gathered together at the Stables Gallery for a ceremony to empower the wellness of the community, we studied the response the water conveyed. Not only was the water radiant and sweet after the ceremony, the water also had a pleasant bouquet, illustrating the power of LOVE, which is LIGHT, which is our LUMINOUS PRESENCE. The ceremonious water was joyfully savoured by ALL. OM

2. Water Study : Study of water in Conventional Home/Solar Home
conventional home (coal plant) to all solar home. 08/2010
The observations, though exploratory in nature, conveys a energetic distribution that is represented in the waters. It was observed that the entropy (Degree of chaos) was less in the Solar Home water indicating how water receives and conveys informational signatures of the most subtle kind.

3. Water Study: Community Prayer ceremony with Dr. Emoto San + ISSS – Taos – Worrell Residence Pond. 09/2010 PRE + POST PRAYER CEREMONY
Learning about water is like exploring into the cosmos and from the images, it’s like entering a portal into another dimension.

In the words of Dear Dr. Emoto San “ Water has taught me the delicacy of the human soul, and the impact that ‘LOVE & GRATITUDE’ can have on the world.”

4. Water Study: Transmitting LOVE to water from 7000 miles – Siberian Shaman Liliya, from Iquitos; Peru to ISSS lab – Taos – 09/2010
Water teaches us in a very clear way how we can vitalize our life. The messages that water conveys reflects the power of our intention to imprint every cell in ALL beings, in ALL spaces and in ALL dimensions. This study was conducted over 10 days and data was gathered during various 24 hour cycles.

The observations over the study period was as follows:
1. The control water exhibited a sulphurous odour.
2. The LOVE induced water exhibited a sweet and fragrant bouquet and was infused with oxygen bubbles while the control was devoid of bubbles. We are aware that ‘Love and Gratitude’ is the most powerful force in ALL the UNIVERSE and must serve as a guide in ALL our moments. Water mirrors all the vibrations created in the world and transforms these vibrations into form that we can see with the human eye, as clearly observed in the form of the waters response to LOVE.

5. Gem Stone Study: Blue sapphire (Sri Lanka) – Natural gem + Polished and cut gem.
Natural Polished & Cut This vibrant example of this gem stone also illustrates our brilliance of emanation as we polish and refine our inner presence. A wisdom conveyance; “ What is within us is perfection, the outer world can attain perfection when the inner world inspires, guides, molds and shapes the outer world.” While sharing this picture at a school, it evoked a response from a student who emphatically conveyed inspired by the polished and cut photo “isn’t this our natural state.” OM When the light of ‘Love and Gratitude’ flows our whole being is also illumined.

6. Flower Studies: Sunflower – Bud/Full Bloom/Post Bloom Taos. BUD FULL BLOOM POST BLOOM
The visual imprint of the 3 photos which convey the level of LIGHT in each of natures resplendant states, emphasises the presence of our ELECTRIC and LIGHT imbued Universe.

7. Flower Study: Tiger Lily – Bud + Flower – Taos. BUD FLOWER The universe of unseen glows begin to express their nature as we explore deeper into the Light and illuminating presence which is conveyed in all biological systems.

8. Flower Study: Datura Bud – Seed Pod – Taos. BUD INNER CORE of BUD SEED POD Datura is a sacred plant of most wisdom cultures, and in Bharat is associated with Lord Shiva. Regarded as a plant of power, it is to be viwed with great reverence and caution. Observe the strong biophoton emanations that are recorded. The flowers bloom only at night and emanate a fragrance that is acutely spicy and sweet. Most invigorating. OM

9. Veggie Study – Pimenta – Taos. We live in a universe of vital glows and we can also clearly discern the presence of light and information in how the soil-water-nutrients etc have been assimilated into the outcome of the fruits/vegetables, that we partake in daily. OM

10. Human Energy Field Study – LIGHT INDUCTION
For 7 Min This subject is paralyzed from the waist down and wished to be infused with high energy light frequencies. The induction was for 7 minutes and the recipient was able to discern energy flows into the dormant zones. Observe the noticeable strength in the spinal column area which was the field of concentration and hence activating the nadis and meridian points. Chakras Pre Light Induction Chakras Post Light Induction What is also clearly observed is the complete strengthening of the entire chakra system and thereby the subject feels empowered. As a wisdom conveyance; “ Align with light and the rest follows.”, is a mantra that we have been imprinted with from our formative periods.

11. Human Energy Field Study – After Eating Medicinal Herb – Bharat, India
This plant preparation in Bharat is to stimulate and detox the kidney, liver, spleen. We can observe how the influence of this natural plant preparation in the principles and wisdom of Ayurveda has conveyed the resultant effect, as observed in the bio-energy field. Now we shall observe how the plant universes intelligence addresses the chakra field.

Pre POST In Bharat we have a wisdom conveyance which is as follows; “ Align with nature and nature will nourish your BEING.” The picture says it ALL. OM

Some pictures of the process of obtaining the plant from the jungle to the preparation and then to happily partaking. Gathering Sorting Preparation Prepared and Ready.

The Feast Begins This is an annual cleanse that has been passed on from generations and coincides with very attuned planetary process. The outcomes are empowering, as the data conveys, to the lower dantiens. OM With this sampling of insight filled data, we can clearly observe the diversified possibilities of explorations into our living energy universe with the EPI/GDV. As we begin our inspired explorations, the fields of possibilities are unbounded. We presently educate and train students, teachers, doctors, healers, industrialists, farmers, governments across the world in the art-science-spirit of integral wellness.

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PLEASE NOTE: This series of Getting Started Videos were with the Bio-Well 1.0 + Sputnik + Water Electrode. The principles of operations are similar. The upgrades you will see are:

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  3. Violet Purple carrying case. 
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